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The Recycle Ranch is dedicated to retasking items headed for the landfill

August 12, 2012

There is so much waste today it boggles the mind. We have become a disposable nation, without thinking about the consequesces to the environment. Polluted landfills, illegal dumping, contaminated water supplies are all part of the disposable mentality.

Here at the recycle ranch, we have started reusing old filing cabinets and steel shelving that was headed to an already overtaxed landfill and turn them into beautiful garden and indoor decorations in the form of butterflys, flowers, dragonflys, bugs and more. It gives an ugly useless filing cabinet a new lease on life and that is why we call them the  metamorphosis line.

 If you use a disposable item such as a water bottle, challenge yourself to re use it until it can be used no more. Whether it is refilling it with perfectly good tap water, or cutting it in half to start your seedlings, rethink and retask.

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